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  • Fish watches fish salesman swim away, thinking to himself that he was a great salesman because he bought several boxes of moisturizing lotion.
  • Scuba diver swims above shark, and shark doesn't eat him because he just flossed his teeth.
  • Children watching National Geographic are scared of mom because mother turtles abandon young, and mother chameleons eat their young.
  • Floyd the frog gets swindled out of his money when he buys swampland, but it turns out to be a grassy field with trees.
  • Butterfly lands on flower to drink nectar, passes out from the scent of the flower, flower wonders if he should lay off the Mexican food.
  • One toothbrush tells another he had same bad dream of being dragged around smelly cave and waking up soaking wet.
  • Two men fishing in boat, one drinking beer says he's been coming there for years, fishing is getting worse, under water is pile of cans.
  • Clams take Cleo to bachelor party at On The Halfshell with live, saucy clams, clam digs, chowder wrestling, Cleo worries he will catch red tide.
  • Colleagues doubt scientist's claim of discovering 2-headed squid since it's 2 squids and a belt.
  • Earth notices a volcano, like a pimple, on his forehead before his date with Venus.
  • Evergreen tree discovers why some trees drop their leaves when man comes with ax.