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  • Al Dente and Al Fresco are eaten by cannibals.
  • A man forgets to deactivate the kill switch in his car, so it tries to stab him.
  • A cat in heaven says he should have been suspicious about being put to sleep, because he never needed help sleeping.
  • The last leaf on a tree wonders if the other leaves left because of his bad breath.
  • A James Bond villain sets up a ridiculous machine of death.
  • Murphy's tombstone has a misspelling.
  • Lifesavers take an ant's life.
  • A firefly has to jump-start his friend because he left his lights on.
  • Birds eating roadkill say grace.
  • A baby's foot slips out of her booty.
  • Two vultures think a man bungee jumping is teasing them.
  • Rabbits tell a suicidal rabbit at the top of a building to hop.