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  • Office supply store tests acid free printer papers pee for LSD drugs in backroom.
  • Transplanted kidney in new home greeted by welcoming body organs neighborhood friends acceptance.
  • Uncomfortable optician employee feels watched by oppressive eyeglasses shop display frames crowd.
  • Indecisive proctologist doctor picks naked Sponge Bob Squarepants butt hole checkup eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
  • Rebellious insects prefer housefly in condominium, army ant sailing naval ship, pillbug’s capsules medicine & friendly lice nit not jerk.
  • Man in hospital with flowers blooming in ears’ physician diagnoses blooming earbuds.
  • Human body organs rock musicians tell heart drummer prefer it doesn’t skip heartbeat rhythm.
  • Insomniac customers buy sleeping poison apples at fairytale evil queen entrepreneur’s profitable business.
  • Cat sneaks outlawed catnip drugs illegally at secret blackmarket purr-easy speakeasies’ entrance.
  • Veggies denying child refuses to eat dinner vegetables, tells mother he has asparagus hesitancy.
  • Man gives joint rolling papers wrapped gift after Christmas wrapping paper ordering mistake.
  • Paranoid conspiracies cat tells shopper cat government tracking kitty litter misinformation rumor.