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  • A straightened candy cane emerges from the Chiropractor's office.
  • Dehydrated snowman visits the doctor.
  • Turkey's broken wishbone is diagnosed during an exam.
  • Dagwood ages from sandwiches to medications.
  • Emoticons gossip about emojis plastic surgery.
  • Eggs donate egg white at the White Cross vs Red Cross.
  • Grass field sees gopher and thinks he has a medical condition.
  • Man wants to email his doctor a scan of his butt to ask his opinion on a problem.
  • Cat owner gets full body injuries when she sneezes while cats nap on her.
  • The Betty Rubble Center helps cartoon rehabilitate.
  • Doctor finds balloon animal causing blockage in clown.
  • Index fingers on rubber gloves are horrified to learn what they'll be doing.