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  • Santa is unimpressed by man who brags about how much he can carry in one trip.
  • Hermit crab emerges from Weight Watchers with small shell.
  • Kevin sees a zombie who wants to eat more humans.
  • Stomachs stretch to prepare to be stuffed during Thanksgiving feast.
  • Sisyphus forgets fitbit while performing uphill rock rolling.
  • Cats perform the upward turning nose yoga pose.
  • Dogs see food in clouds.
  • House hunters disagree on amenities.
  • Hermit crab asks if shell makes her butt look big.
  • Yoga students stand up while looking down at cell phones.
  • Husband lies to his wife that he's still eating healthy because he's eating electronic bacon.
  • Man can keep to his diet when he has to cook food that fits on small grill.