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  • Big muscle weightlifter bears workout in health club weight lifting to bulk ripped body muscles.
  • Relaxed hyena under tree says it feels balanced by weeping willow.
  • Ride share driver grosses out passenger with embarrassing intestinal blockage conversation.
  • Cavemen write rock element early periodic table science discovery.
  • Green Giant mascot on smartphone fitness tracker sees 6 steps 38 miles walking distance.
  • Russian nesting doll compliments doll’s lost weight and she answers her kids moved out.
  • Obese squirrel expert teaches Ted Talks lesson on best bird feeders.
  • Customer shops heavy, heavier & heaviest cat & dog sleeping pet weighted blanket selection.
  • Overreacting father pours sports drink on wet embarrassed daughter at violin recital in over the top celebration.
  • Woman tells man snow shoveling is a good way to shed pounds as snowman neighbor shovels fat butt.
  • Infant refuses bottle feeding dad, prefers mother’s locally sourced breasts milk.
  • Rested owner feels weight lifted after slept under dog and cat on bed.