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  • Couple therapy snowman says pushes button covered husband often but has tons.
  • Beard & glasses disguised Potatohead man tells neighbor he’s Mr Regular head.
  • Humor head shark wears Groucho nose glasses & fake arrow comedian costume.
  • Big eye dog says forgot how to turn off pet owner manipulating sad puppy eyes.
  • Balls enter scary tower & exit patch sewn face baseball monsters.
  • Bats family mom scolds ear rolling child complaining at bed time.
  • Scary monster ordered Hello Fresh online dead flesh meal deliveries package.
  • Grocery store witch shops for eyes of newts egg carton potion ingredients.
  • Optometrist tests patient eyesight reading menus in dark restaurants lighting.
  • Tiny eye panda with black patches covered by white makeup asks if wearing too much concealer.
  • Pet fish in fishbowl says neither have eyelids & fish answers it’s winning World Longest Staring Contest.
  • Crystal ball psychic predicts dark eyes stranger date future but shark attack is swimmer’s destiny.