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  • Playing cat pounces on restrained man’s face during laser eye surgery gone wrong.
  • Star with large number of backlogged message updates tells other star that it’s behind on wishes.
  • Woman tells man that she was out of coffee filters that morning so she used a cartoon tiger face Snapchat filter mug instead.
  • Snakes fall in love when eyes meet from across Medusa’s snake hair head.
  • Owner walking dog sees peaceful neighborhood while dog only sees toilets.
  • Woman asks man why he’s wearing 2018 glasses but he likes them better because he has three eyes.
  • Blindfolded snowman playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey caught cheating with eyes on his chest like buttons.
  • Ghost Adventures investigators use shedding cat hair to see invisible spirit.
  • Man with bad eyesight goes to an obstetrician instead of an optician.
  • Patient at optometrist keeps saying things look worse while looking at the news feed on their smartphone.
  • Yoda speak results in glasses after eye exam.
  • A dog balloon cannot tell if there is food in his bowl because he eats air.