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  • Man with head stuck in sunglasses, PPE virus facemask straps & ear buds wires tells wife he took off in wrong order.
  • Supermarket self-checkout customer surprised by unexpected item strange alien in bagging area.
  • No coal protesting faceless snowman sacrifices environment polluting greenhouse gas fossil fuel eyes, mouth & button.
  • Sleeping patient’s eyeballs run circles around hospital bed as doctor monitors R.E.M. rapid eye movement chart.
  • Cruel snow manager’s carrot nose stick work motivation method frustrates snowmen office workers.
  • Flirting cellphone hits on smartphone crush at bar, says can’t stop looking at it.
  • Seed topped everything flavored bagel detail magnifies random assortment of many different tiny microscopic objects.
  • Robot in driverless car pulled over tells police it can’t see crosswalks or traffic lights unsafe driving excuse.
  • Frustrated artist Picasso’s abstract portrait painting autocorrects changing from cubism to realistic.
  • Injured snowman on laptop online medical web site steals snow man’s head to ice neck injury.
  • Snowman flirts with snow lady at bar with compatible water sign zodiac astrology pick-up lines.
  • Golfing reindeer Rudolph hits red glowing light nose ball in dark evening snowstorm.