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  • Honeybee on smartphone sees flowers online dating profile looking for a third sex partner.
  • Wife tells husband nasty car trunk foods not basically the same as food truck.
  • Praying mantis bugs at bar admit eat mates’ heads to avoid awkward eye contact after sex.
  • Turtle parent tells kid in glowing turtleshell to shut off smartphone for bed time.
  • Excited opossum babies on back cheer for mother’s fun roller coaster hill ride.
  • Upset man on psychiatrist couch complains mother pushed relentlessly till he was born.
  • Russian nesting dolls mother warns TV scary part soon & children hid watching inside.
  • Dog kid impatient no table scraps fed but mom dog begs & says trust the process.
  • Woman dating scary monster head man thinks she’s missing red flags in relationship.
  • Clouds on smartphones annoyed dates’ appearance changed from attractive photos on website.
  • Angry bird mom in tree asks dad who broke fallen eggs what he means he’s been spring cleaning nest?
  • Geese family celebrates hatching male chick’s gander gender reveal birth.