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  • Single lady on smartphone Tinder online date app spoof sees Tin Tin comics character profile fish & selfie pictures.
  • Canine lady at dogs singles bar says don’t be fooled by tattooed neck bad boy’s outlaw appearance, really good boy.
  • President protecting Secret Service agents wear suits, but Victoria’s Secret Service officers dress in sexy lingerie brand underwear.
  • Colorful decorated Easter eggs crowd shocked by naked blank egg streaking outdoors public nudity surprise.
  • Expired older Humpty Dumpty apologizes to surprised lover for disappointing sexual performance with past best by dates excuse.
  • Naked stripping mattress has money stuffed under sexy underwear butt by mattresses audience.
  • Full positive influence life goals edited to emulate George Harrison musician & humanitarian inspiration.
  • Lazy cat owner clears clean trail for date through filthy shedding pet fur covered home to couch.
  • Iphone in bed prefers scroll phone husband’s screen to Brad Pitt picture before sex.
  • Monkey date apologizes fur infested in head lice but girlfriend loves he brought lunch.
  • Orange on laptop browses O.J. OKCupid parody online fruit dates profile photos.
  • Ironic sleazy guy at bar leering at ladies personality easier to read than indecipherable writing tattooed man.