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  • Stressed out cartoonist’s cat is in psychologist’s office because of pressure to inspire ideas.
  • Crying patient in psychologist’s office is upset about missing summer.
  • Annoyed owner asks dozing cat how he got into a Twitter war with President Trump.
  • Overwhelmed news addiction patients are treated with funny cat videos on Youtube.
  • Man has a fear of having his identity stolen but doesn’t notice his therapist is copying him.
  • Fish’s therapist asks what the source of his stress is as cat peers into fishbowl.
  • Ladybug at an insect party doesn’t get that humans don’t like them.
  • Woman diagnosed with stress is brought to lab, which is a labrador retriever therapy dog.
  • Cartoon characters are checked into the Betty Rubble Center for addiction recovery.
  • Depressed due to emotional support animal Eeyore.
  • At marriage mental health office the Easter Bunny’s wife says he hides things.
  • Potted flower in a psychiatrist’s office can’t understand why his wife doesn’t know what he needs when it is written on his tag.