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  • At marriage mental health office the Easter Bunny’s wife says he hides things.
  • Potted flower in a psychiatrist’s office can’t understand why his wife doesn’t know what he needs when it is written on his tag.
  • One heart eye emoji in counseling isn’t committed to the relationship
  • Comet the reindeer explains his lack of commitment during a therapy session.
  • Emojis have a support group for facial expressions have become stuck.
  • Women are distraught separating from baby and cell phone.
  • Influential Political Commentor is a Myth
  • Frankenstein sees psychiatrist for off centered bolt.
  • Man finds it preferable to hide under the Bed with a Monster than listen to the News.
  • Cat takes Rorschach inkblot test and every answer is "mouse entrails."
  • In a deadly accident, Hermann Rorschach's body becomes a Rorschach test.
  • Ice cream flavors that mix sweet and savory flavors have gotten out of hand.