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  • Partying bad dogs destroy house before fooled owner returns home tricked destructive pet is lonely alone.
  • Overworked tooth on laptop orders flight tickets on vacations booking website after Thanksgiving.
  • Worried family thinks Thanksgiving thoughts about enough food, washing dishes, political fights & sneaking pie.
  • Therapist asks upset alligator in counseling why saying “see you later” is threatening.
  • Unbalanced Noah’s ark boat sinks heavier as afraid animals avoid snakes.
  • Paranoid conspiracies cat tells shopper cat government tracking kitty litter misinformation rumor.
  • Depressed space alien in UFO asks martian if feels like it’s going through life unidentified.
  • Playing card walking dog asks sad four of broken hearts how online dating is going.
  • Therapist cat asks stressed cat patient who slept 48 hours if always been an overachiever.
  • Stick figure theater actor onstage in play is annoyed unfinished costar forgot lines.