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  • Counselor asks anxious patient in therapy on ceiling about startle response.
  • Counselor asks angry window in therapy about it’s treatment.
  • Snowman therapist tells melted patient many are experiencing burnout.
  • Angry groundhog on laptop banned from Twitter for violent 6 more weeks winter tweet.
  • Tired woman drinks coffee by stormy window, view changes to positive unicorn & rainbow, woman sad but coping.
  • Depressed Santa Claus in therapy appointment says he only feels ho ho to psychiatrist.
  • Therapist on laptop asks too close patient on screen why bad with technology.
  • Therapist tells turkey in appointment he understands afraid of being gaslighted.
  • Therapist asks baby at couples counseling if thinks mother wants to change him.
  • Upset microwave oven tells therapist it looks fine outside but is a mess inside.
  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Emoji face in counseling tells therapist you try keeping happy expression these days.