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  • Eight eyes spider sees oct prefix arachnid eye doctor shop displays 8 lens eyeglass frames.
  • Scary 3 eye horned monsters family child gives parent Father’s Day world’s beast dad coffee cup present.
  • Upside down bat parent checked above scared bat child’s branch & says no monsters over bed to reassure bedtime fears.
  • Hammer tail shark complains to hammerhead rude ass name bullying worse in comparison.
  • Annoyed swearing spider with 8 eyes mixes up wrong contact lenses in frustrating aggravation.
  • Upright bat tells sloth hanging up on tree with reversed squirrel & bird perched downwards it’s matter of perspective.
  • Colorful decorated Easter eggs crowd shocked by naked blank egg streaking outdoors public nudity surprise.
  • Uncomfortable optician employee feels watched by oppressive eyeglasses shop display frames crowd.
  • Surrealist Rene Magritte painting Son of Man has apple hiding face before then shows face peeking behind eaten fruit core after.
  • Longer buttons style snowman says he preferred untucking shirts to short button snow man.
  • Horrified snowmen hikers’ dog finds murdered victim’s gruesome stick arm found at forest trail crime scene.
  • Disgusting St Patricks Day Irish eyes Looky Charms parody eyeballs breakfast cereal package is magically dilated.