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  • Rebellious insects prefer housefly in condominium, army ant sailing naval ship, pillbug’s capsules medicine & friendly lice nit not jerk.

  • High blood pressure patient prescribed pet cat medication box.
  • Cat chooses from various flavors of catnip.

  • Doctor recommends anteater avoid ants with artificial growth hormones.
  • Instead of counting backwards, anesthesiologists have patients read itunes terms and conditions.
  • Doctor's diagnosis of patient is healthy with the exception of a milk bottle shaped calcium deposit on nose.
  • A peacock can't get his tail to fan out and might take pills to fix it.
  • C3P0 can't read his doctor's note.
  • A doctor gives a woman a collagen injection in her eye instead of her lips.
  • A woman's insurance only covers the first result that comes up when her doctor Googles her symptoms.
  • Krazy IV is not as popular as straw because it takes too long to deliver medicine.

You searched for: pharmacy