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  • Doctor tells patient that she has acute sinusitis and she says thank you, thinking he said she had a cute nose.
  • Doctor tells sleep study patient to sleep normally while covered in uncomfortable monitor tubes and watched by cameras and researchers
  • Doctor tells ghost patient it’s insurance doesn’t cover post-existing conditions.
  • Cellphone pregnant mother in labor has push notification message on screen.
  • Doctor advises patient to run when she remembers that she doesn’t have a model skeleton and the one in her exam room is a monster.
  • Vet says gesundheit to dog who’s Elizabethan collar has been sneezed inside out.
  • Single cell organism doctor diagnosis's his patient’s rash as athlete’s pseudopod.
  • Woman diagnosed with stress is brought to lab, which is a labrador retriever therapy dog.
  • Baseball catcher’s doctor tells him he’s already had practice saying he’s got it.
  • Cartoon characters are checked into the Betty Rubble Center for addiction recovery.
  • Starfish doctor tells patient they have a repetitive stress injury and will need physical therapy or to grow a new arm.
  • Injured Butterfinger candies factory employees accidentally spill, trip and drop tools, coffee and boxes.