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  • A man dies, not by natural causes, but at the hands of a group of people in Santa Claus costumes.
  • A family around a Christmas tree is giving each other headaches and grief instead of holiday gifts.
  • A funeral director tells Humpty Dumpty's wife that she will need a closed carton for his funeral.
  • The angel of death tears his robe, so he'll have to sew before he reaps.
  • Sam I am dies and becomes sam I was.
  • The Green Giant dies and is buried in a giant compost bin.
  • A cryogenics lab sends clients who can't pay to a frozen meat shop.
  • A mouse mystic sees someone from the "other side" trying to reach another mouse, but the thing reaching is a cat's paw.
  • The death angel dad is mad because his son is eating Life cereal, but his wife says it's just a phase.
  • A woman scatters her husband's ashes on her neighbor's beautiful lawn while her husband smokes in the den.
  • A Hollywood janitor mistakes Gumby for a piece of chewing gum.
  • A couple stands on a cliff called Lover's Leap, but the man is wearing a bungee cord because he's not sure about the relationship.