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  • A man has a heart attack after being surprised by a party.
  • A raccoon describes what it was like to almost get run over by a truck.
  • A lemming mom tells her son that if his friends jump off a cliff, then he should too.
  • A news channel asks a scary questions, says news at 11, and then at 11 says the answer is no and everything is fine.
  • Mr. Bubble dies after receiving a medal of gratitiude attached to a pin.
  • A possum calls the police to take away her dead husband, but she's not sure she should have because he might be playing dead.
  • Nine grim reapers visit a cat at once to take its life.
  • Pig pallbearers carry a spam tin to a funeral.
  • Worms in black suits show up to an apple pie for another worm's funeral.
  • A man's therapist thinks he's on the verge of a breakthrough, but actually the man is about to break through the window and escape.
  • Julie Andrews dies because the hills are alive and eat her.
  • A corpse can't be identified, so police look at his LPs about teeth.