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  • One fish tells another it was a real swift move to buy a dehumidifier because their fishbowl is almost empty.
  • Man walks by Fabric of the World store, sign in window advertises curtains, lists cotton, silk, rayon, polyester, wool, and iron, but iron is discontinued.
  • Mom letter N wants husband, Nick, to participate since they are in Mexico, she bought funny hats for everyone, which are actually tilde characters.
  • Man lying on floor in Bakery World, "Where You Get the Attention You Deserve," with pie in his face, employee tells co-worker he deserved it.
  • Man in office holds tiny piece of paper, loan officer says it's same loan agreement as before, just removed each "hereby, therefore, hereinafter, and heretofore."
  • Man tells wife, Emma, they are returning the Alpo aftershave because dog has him in his mouth.
  • Cat shopping for cake mix can't make up his mind which flavor, includes goldfish, mouse, tune, sparrow, canary, pigeon, rodent, and more.
  • Salesperson for IRS stamp company can't ever find anyone at home.