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  • A naked emperor plummets into a moat of alligators.
  • A man steals a book about shoplifting.
  • A woman can't think of a reason not to go out with a man, but when he calls later she'll have had time to find one.
  • Snoopy's therapist gossips about him with another therapist.
  • A marshmallow tells a ghost story about a Boy Scout.
  • A lobster reads The Crucible.
  • Babies secretly read a book about how to manipulate parents.
  • Old Page a day calendar describes to New Year calendar how a it is used.
  • Humpty Dumpty stands in the Horror section of a bookstore, featuring titles such as "Humpty Dumpty Eats Quiche," "Breakfast Ideas," and "101 Quiches."
  • Cat reads a book about learning to walk on a tight rope because there are lots of birds resting on the electrical wires outside.
  • One soft cover book wonders if his wife only comes to the beach to look at the hard covers.
  • Godzilla destroys library looking for a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People."