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  • Patient gets bendy arms from Dr. Seuss to scratch rash.
  • What to Expect when You're Expecting came out in different versions for humans, cats, birds, and amoebas.
  • After years of therapy, Waldo finds himself.
  • Sam I Am wonders if he really is Sam.
  • On Christmas Eve, a creature stirs in a factory.
  • A young Stephen King is disappointed to get candy in his stocking instead of a severed foot.
  • The Big Bad Wolf talks about what Little Red Riding Hood said about his appearance in therapy.
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears sue each other.
  • The Big Bad Wolf gives a motivational speech at a wolf convention.
  • The Mother Goose Tabloid dishes gossip about fairy tale characters.
  • The hands sticking out of Stephen King's lawn are nicely manicured.
  • Someone uses a bike lock to capture Superman.