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  • A man has many girl's names tattooed and crossed out on his arm.
  • Rhinos hurt their faces rubbing their noses together.
  • A bat was a sparkle in his dad's ear instead of his eye.
  • William Tell hits on a woman at a bar.
  • Mr. Peanut dates a flight attendant, but he can't get her shirt undone.
  • A woman likes that a man is there for her, but not that he's there with her.
  • Dorothy gets tired of being single and grabs the scarecrow's butt.
  • Cupid finally gives in and makes girls fall in love with him.
  • A cat tells her frisky boyfriend that he needs to wear a flea collar for protection during sexual intercourse.
  • A couple stands on a cliff called Lover's Leap, but the man is wearing a bungee cord because he's not sure about the relationship.
  • Willy Wonka gets heart surgery and the surgeon needs candy to fix him.
  • A bunch of melons squeeze each other at singles night at a bar.