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  • A fork asks her husband where he learned to spoon.
  • Herbie the car hits on a new car model and uses new car smell breath spray.
  • An elephant gives his lover forget-me-nots, but she won't forget him anyway because elephants never forget.
  • A cartoon character has a dollar sign in one eye and a heart in the other because he fell in love and devised a get-rich-quick scheme at the same time.
  • Frogs get their tongues tied together while kissing.
  • The princess dreams of a knight in shining armor, while the dragon dreams of a night in shining armour hot dogs.
  • A dog doesn't know whether to shake his date's paw or sniff her goodnight.
  • A snake gets a tattoo to show his girlfriend how much he loves her, but he's shed the skin with tattoos of previous girlfriends.
  • The Betty Rubble Center provides rehab for troubled cartoons.
  • A cat makes a sign that says "Will Feign Affection for Food."
  • Van Gogh cuts off several more body parts after bad breakups.
  • Cupid reads a book about improving his aim after accidentally making explorers fall in love with hippos.