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  • Rudolph's red nose makes Cupid think he's in the red light district.
  • Tennis players don't score in the Tunnel of Love.
  • A therapist tells his patient she won't fully have closure until she deletes her ex from her buddy list.
  • The Betty Rubble Center provides rehab for troubled cartoons.
  • In the mongoose version of Lady and the Tramp, two mongeese kiss after eating either end of a snake.
  • A restaurant uses the same font a couple used for their first intimate cyber-chat.
  • Cupid points and clicks on lovers interacting online.
  • Godzilla sees a girl Godzilla and wonders if hers is the face that lunched a thousand ships.
  • A fortune teller forsees a woman having a good New Year's Eve, but her crystal ball crashes at midnight.
  • A female robot wishes they'd make more female robots so male robots would leave her alone.
  • A worm cheats on his wife because he has five hearts.
  • Dogs say corny things to each other.