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  • A woman can't think of a reason not to go out with a man, but when he calls later she'll have had time to find one.
  • A school of fish asks its mom which of them she loves best.
  • A man's date swoons off a balcony.
  • A man and woman walk alone, holding hands, and the woman believes the man is thinking about romance when he's actually thinking about The Simpsons.
  • Letter E teacher tells letter E parents that child is quiet and uninvolved, needs career as silent letter, parents think Hope and Love, child thinks Trouble.
  • Lucy, the blood cell, runs off with another blood cell in the artery, while Tim, the blood cell, waits in vain - in the vein.
  • Frog is upset because she has a date, and there are no warts on her face.
  • A clearly aged Charlie Brown sits on bench and wonders how he can get little gray-haired girl to notice him.
  • Car salesman at bar is upset, tells friend the girl never loved him, she just wanted good deal on Mercedes, implying that he was used.
  • Turtle stuck on back after falling off ladder agrees to take wife to dinner and movie and buy roses if she will turn him over.
  • Fish parents tell daughter when she comes in door she can't deny it, they know she's been out with piranha, daughter has bite in body.
  • Bottle of wine at dating service, tells employee the girl for him should be complex, yet simple, smooth with character, delicate body, and bold.