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  • Bagel doctor tells bagel patient it’s tests say it has everything.
  • Medical physician says extra arm patient has pain in forearms.
  • Scared matryoshka dolls jump out when Nurse with vaccination syringe says will feel pinch.
  • High blood pressure patient prescribed pet cat medication box.
  • Doctor recommends patient with huge fingers cut down on air quoting gestures.
  • Balloon giving unconscious deflated balloon CPR breaths to butt valve thinks that it is awkward.
  • Customer shops heavy, heavier & heaviest cat & dog sleeping pet weighted blanket selection.
  • Jolly Green Giant veggie brand mascot at urologist has pea in a pee cup urinary health sample.
  • Only tooth in mouth with no veneer mask asks if everyone is becoming a phony.
  • Dog’s cold nose tells veterinarian checking temperature she will die alone.
  • Counselor asks anxious patient in therapy on ceiling about startle response.
  • Counselor asks angry window in therapy about it’s treatment.