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  • Godzilla on smartphone fitness tracker app reaches stepped on daily destruction goals.
  • Pet owner lets kitty walking on laptop keys pick difficult internet security login passwords.
  • Godzilla monsters destroying city have lucky chances devouring person named Joe in morning.
  • Artistic smartphones with realistic Renaissance Sistine Chapel God hand, abstract geometric squares, split screen cubism & headphone wire wrapped classical & modern famous art styles.
  • Polite six allows endless math pi digits cross road before her but regrets decision
  • Misbehaving pet dog plays canine bingo games destroying house and disgusting owner each day.
  • Misbehaving kitty cat plays gross & messy feline bingo games destroying house and hurting owner each day.
  • Sleeping patient’s eyeballs run circles around hospital bed as doctor monitors R.E.M. rapid eye movement chart.
  • Man sitting on Ouiji board game placard butt dials scary demonic ghost accidentally.
  • Single celled musician sings break up song while ex splits dividing cell.
  • Flying bird says not fair walking ostrich’s smartphone fitness tracker counts more steps.