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  • Lionesses hunters hate lion’s unfair new gnu math prey division.
  • Number couple in counseling was unlucky as 13 but turned their relationship around as 3.
  • Paint by numbers are mad 5 taking credit for paintings when only did purple parts.
  • Tic-tac-toe grids don’t know if grid lying on floor with X eyes and O mouth is dead or playing games.
  • Principal tells teacher two parents, a rabbit and an amoeba cell, are angry he’s teaching multiplication and division in his classroom.
  • Sad nine watching TV wanted to work at the Weather Channel but didn’t have a temperature degree symbol.
  • Numbers of pi calculation line up to take camera phone photo with selfie stick but 3 doesn’t think they can fit everyone in.
  • Robot on ice skating rink makes figure eight in computer binary code.
  • Number 5 congratulates 8 with degree symbol on getting a temp job.
  • Chart shows sharp drop in skinny jean sales after Thanksgiving during company’s board meeting.
  • Numbers in cinema are scared by movie of a killer zero.
  • Numeral Pi sits in a chair reading The Never-Ending Story.