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  • Honeybee on smartphone sees flowers online dating profile looking for a third sex partner.
  • Dog eats wondering how to post food photos online, meal eaten before has cellphone out.
  • Owner says kitties with tablet used to play but now just watches cat videos.
  • Turtle parent tells kid in glowing turtleshell to shut off smartphone for bed time.
  • Clouds on smartphones annoyed dates’ appearance changed from attractive photos on website.
  • Mouse asks anxious rodent watching smartphone cat video website if doomscrolling again.
  • Self conscious polluted planet on smartphone thinks flattering Earth Day pictures posted online are nice.
  • Frustrated Humpty Dumpty on cellphone customer review website rates All the King’s Horses & Men bad eggshell repair service.
  • Fingerprint touch ID opens owner’s Iphone, Tush I.D. ass identification unlocks dogs’ phone.
  • Fish on smartphone says weather going to be wet in online under water forecasts.
  • Disappointed skeleton on smartphone sees beauty is skin deep positive affirmation post online.
  • Smartphone tells ugly expression phone at bar to change its lock screen resting face.