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  • Autocorrected depressed beach sand dune, sunscreen sun yells, stoned ocean toad & rude bird sea gull gall spelling changes.
  • Man on smartphone tracks daily emotional progress on therapy baby steps pedometer wellness app.
  • Cat on smartphone sees today’s playlist of yarn, milk cap, crinkled paper, bug & human toes.
  • Greek myth Sisyphos pushing rock uphill sees time of arrival never ever on smartphone.
  • Tattoo artist tells man with shaky tattoo mistake his smartphone was on vibrate.
  • Green Giant mascot on smartphone fitness tracker sees 6 steps 38 miles walking distance.
  • Man asks if phones secretly listen to us & smartphone in butt pocket answers don’t be silly.
  • Woman distracted by smartphone emails and social media forgets to check weather on rainy day.
  • Man’s new cellphone autocorrects embarrassing licking Mr. nude foot text.
  • Alexa virtual assistant device on laptop sees the Clapper family search result.
  • Lying long nose Pinocchio on smartphone twitter website says he’s been normalized.
  • Baseball player with smartphone running bases in game asks teammate if they’ve become too reliant on GPS technology.