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  • Summer autocorrected sunken sand castle, surfing pig surf board, guilt confessing concession stand & balding hair head volleyball.
  • Blocked text computer website passwords in support group meeting want to be remembered.
  • Easter holiday texts autocorrected jelly beans aliens, basset hound basket, weeping candy Peeps & relaxed rabbit drone egg deliveries.
  • Husband proofreads texts after wife picks up sexy guy from France instead of baguette bread loaf.
  • Misspelled Valentine’s Day texts autocorrected box of chalk lights chocolates, liver lover boy, car valet time & rude bugs swearing disses insults.
  • Flirting cellphone hits on smartphone crush at bar, says can’t stop looking at it.
  • Married Sasquatch husband on cellphone thinks insulting big fool text isn’t autocorrected.
  • Misspelled holiday texts fixed foot fruit cakes, handy candy canes, finger gingerbread cookie & mister mistletoe in autocorrected Xmas mistakes.
  • Misspelled Thanksgiving texts autocorrected bread stuffing staffing, turkey gobble Google, cranberry sauce saw & underwear gift thongs giving.
  • Magazine kidnappers mail threatening letter written in cut paper letters of abducted victim.
  • Autocorrected halloween texts misspells wicked witch smartwatch, grim reaper book reading, space alien pumpkin spice & walking dead normal father.
  • Soaked man turns off push notifications after smartphone shoves him in garden pond landscaping.