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  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Remote worker blocked from laptop computer keyboard by stubborn cat laying in the way.
  • Excited mattress on computer discovers it is a queen on genealogy website.
  • Therapist on laptop asks too close patient on screen why bad with technology.
  • Turkey on family Thanksgiving Zoom meeting raises hand when woman on laptop asks who suggested online get together.
  • Snake hair Medusa on computer sees worm diagnosis on doctor’s website.
  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Frankenstein on computer website sees country and hardware store DNA ethnicity results.
  • Disappointed witch in too small witches hat tells other witch not used to buying online.
  • Vampires on computer screen Zoom meeting online are missing from web cam videos.
  • Flies see multiple hexagon webcams on online video teleconference meeting.
  • Sad man regrets buying negative room-darkening window shades for room.