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  • Man tells lady hidden behind cat on table she looks just like online Zoom meetings.
  • Napping kitties prefer to sleep on laundry, laptop, boxes, paperwork & plant instead of cat bed.
  • Snow cinema audience terrified as horror film salt shaker Jason watches snowflake victim out window.
  • Package stealing kitty peeks out window at confused man with delivered order dumped in yard.
  • Exercising dragon’s fire accidentally burns computer after video yoga instructor reminds to breathe.
  • Slob in filthy trash covered work cubicle organizes neat folder icons on computer desk-top.
  • Xmas mall Santa Claus tells women when asleep wool blanket makes her sweat & drools laying on stomach.
  • Computer spinning wheel moon delays impatient wolfman monster transformation.
  • Zombies break decomposing hands off in secret handshakes password.
  • Kitty whiskers scanner pet door technology scans pets indoor security clearance.
  • Kitty laying on laptop keyboard clicks back, side & stomach sleepers all at once online survey answer.
  • Office supply store tests acid free printer papers pee for LSD drugs in backroom.