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  • Peacock with selfie stick smartphone photographs eyes spots tail feathers but one blinked.
  • Jolly Green Giant wife catches husband on laptop naked Eve fig leaf pornography website.
  • Guilty man feels bad for immoral online shopping, avoids woman when forgot name, doesn’t leave good review or feed dog food scraps.
  • Naughty cat on smartphone shows off torn curtains & spilled plants mess in selfie photo.
  • Tortoise on smartphone is missing online order delivered box on shell.
  • Doughnut annoyed small ear pod headphones wont fit large ear holes size.
  • Computer screen bathroom mirror asks man if sure wants to leave toilet seat up.
  • Couple on laptop want expensive couch but buy cheaper one after cat scratches furniture.
  • Squinting giraffe on smartphone needs a tablet and can’t see tiny screen far away.
  • Office workers in pajamas have trouble readjusting to in person dress codes after remote working from home.
  • Autocorrected depressed beach sand dune, sunscreen sun yells, stoned ocean toad & rude bird sea gull gall spelling changes.