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  • Denim bluejeans hanging on clothesline are distressed by negative tweets on smartphone.
  • Man getting Stacey tattooed on back gets break up text on smartphone.
  • Cat reads five star review online for food liked for three whole days.
  • Boy gets an I on spelling test for cheating with the internet.
  • Bird suspects smartphone’s directions hacked leading to a sleeping cat’s mouth.
  • The Wizard of Oz likes Tinman’s Twitter post to give him a heart.
  • Annoyed owner asks dozing cat how he got into a Twitter war with President Trump.
  • Child in talent show will hack her teacher’s email account before she can tackle her.
  • Introvert Airlines is always fully booked with passengers reading.
  • Dog says cat is as good as he is at a person tripping video game.
  • Dinosaur on laptop checks why meteor is trending on Twitter.
  • Man listens to both sides on whether food is necessary for life.