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  • Dogs use Butt Time tablet webcam app to communicate while owners are talking online with FaceTime computer website.
  • Man with tiny smartphone asks if they can talk later because his phone is down to 1%.
  • Cat and dog with cellphones text emojis. Dog is happy there will be people at Thanksgiving dinner. Cat is horrified.
  • Dr. Frankenstein tells Igor he knows who a mad fire emoji text on his smartphone is from.
  • Man getting Stacey tattooed on back gets break up text on smartphone.
  • Bigfoot gets autocorrected text message from his cousin Bigthumbs.
  • Trip time on directions for walking a dog that has to stop and smell everything is much longer.
  • The Beatles are distracted by smartphones while crossing Abbey Road.
  • Airplane passengers wonder how they’ll be able to connect with anyone while their cellphones and tablets are turned off.
  • Penguin in crowd wonders how cell phone’s facial recognition password got hacked.
  • Cartoonist’s many emotional states are shown in emojis.
  • Dog’s crinkling smartphone ringtone attracts too much attention from other dogs who think it’s food.