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  • Greek myth boy Icarus protects wings from sun with zillion SPF sunscreen.
  • Man knocked over by happy dog says only gone for a moment but dog thinks it’s seven moments in its life.
  • Infant refuses bottle feeding dad, prefers mother’s locally sourced breasts milk.
  • Eight at numbers party mad servers skipped hors d’oeuvres assuming already eaten.
  • Annoyed digital alarm clock at New Year’s party is left out of fun hand raising midnight celebrations.
  • Disney+ streaming video parody of extra cartoon Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck face and body pieces.
  • Santa Claus on smartphone fitness app drops from 123 million peak Christmas Eve to zero miles relaxing at home vacation.
  • Cat asks what bird in its mouth is worth at bird in hand two in bush cats’ currency exchanging office.
  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Romantic octopus with all legs and arms cut off is sad she loves him not.
  • Magician sawing assistant in box hates math conferences as angry audience yells it’s not half.
  • Cartoonist’s rough draft sketch of number two car passing driver.