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  • The spiderman balloon in the Macy's Parade ties up the people carrying it.
  • A website is worried a man doesn't care about her.
  • The Cookie Monster is excited when the Keebler website puts a cookie on his hard drive.
  • Frogs get their tongues tied together while kissing.
  • A dog dislikes technology because now to eat kids' homework he has to eat their whole computer.
  • Office workers solve the Y2K problem, but their boss wants them to work on Y10K.
  • A fly thinks he's at a hotel, but really he's in a spiderweb.
  • A mouse kid builds a mousetrap based on plans from the internet.
  • The original computer crash was when Stonehenge fell over.
  • A woman tells her babysitter that she doesn't need to call for help because her daughter's website has the answers.
  • The cartoon presents the newest ways to waste time.
  • A caveman uses a computer program to design the wheel.