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  • Cinderella's fairy godmother warns her about her spells' midnight compatibility.
  • A man's new computer Mighty Mouse sings.
  • A fortune teller forsees a woman having a good New Year's Eve, but her crystal ball crashes at midnight.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.
  • A student says dot to his teacher instead of period because he's used to reading web URLs.
  • A man spends too much time shopping online and goes to the mall in his underwear.
  • Fish wives think their husbands are online or on the net.
  • A mad scientist's time machine isn't Y2K compatible.
  • A dog's wife catches him looking at filth on the internet.
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not rejects some claims.
  • A pig goes to therapy to talk about getting spam in his email.
  • A woman has lots of computer problems, but masters drag-and-drop by dragging her computer to a cliff and dropping it off the edge.