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  • A bug goes to therapy because he doesn't feel snug in a rug.
  • People get ailments associated with their electronics.
  • The Abominable Snowman is upset that no one describes him nicely.
  • A glue bottle goes to therapy because it never bonded as a child.
  • A naked emperor plummets into a moat of alligators.
  • A snow plough shaves off half of a snowman's body.
  • A cat hasn't slept in two hours, so he goes to therapy.
  • A man wears a nicotine patch while his cat wears a catnip patch.
  • A man steals a book about shoplifting.
  • A doughboy goes to couples therapy because he wants to be kneaded.
  • Apples think they can hear the theme from Jaws because people are bobbing for them.