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  • Snoopy's therapist gossips about him with another therapist.
  • A cat knocks over a vase so it can steal a bite of its owner's turkey.
  • So many women reject a man that he starts selling shirts that say "I Rejected Derek."
  • Sharks in a feeding frenzy accidentally eat their friend.
  • Kids in the 90s pretend to be disgruntled postal workers.
  • A turtle imagines giving a talk to shell-less turtles.
  • A mussel's therapist tells him to go back into his shell.
  • Cans being recycled wonder what they'll be next.
  • John McEnroe hosts Wheel of Fortune.
  • A tooth thinks the tooth next to him is getting a lobotomy for eating candy.
  • A meteorologist loses his cool in a high pressure area.
  • A woman asks a saleswoman to talk her into buying a dress.