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  • Man with a giant nose lays on couch in psychiatrist's office, explaining how a genie granted him immortality and that the nose never stops growing.
  • Patient at Dr. Grays Voodoo Acupuncture tells doctor that he feels better as doctor stabs needles into a voodoo doll that resembles the patient.
  • A bankrupt beehive displays a sign stating it is "Going Out of Beeswax," while a bee holds a sign stating, "Will Work for Honey."
  • Table with a sign that says "This table is reserved," tells psychiatrist that he shouldn't have come because he doesn't have much to say.
  • Derek asks woman if she'd like to dance, she says yes, then says, "Wait, you didn't think I meant with you'".
  • Spider tells psychiatrist how female spider lit a cigarette, looked him in the eye, and said they didn't call him "itsy bitsy spider" for nothing.
  • Tub of yogurt lying on couch tells psychiatrist that lately, he has been feeling unnatural.
  • Therapist tries to calm patient by telling her that even though she doesn't trust people, she's trusting him not to stab her with ballpoint pen.
  • Godzilla destroys library looking for a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People."
  • Banana on psychiatrist's couch has banana split personality, one personality likes chocolate, another likes strawberry, another likes marshmallow.
  • Psychiatrist wants to look at patient's doodles to gain valuable insight, patient has drawn picture of him strangling the therapist.
  • Woman is now able to focus anger on boyfriend instead of self and feels relief.