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  • A psychologist has his patients take a number.
  • Porky Pig becomes homeless after taking speech therapy.
  • A turtle goes to therapy for claustrophobia.
  • Babies addicted to their binkies go to Binkyholics Anonymous.
  • Waldo goes to therapy because he's worried people are always looking for him.
  • A dog goes to therapy because he think his master is manipulative.
  • A sandwich hates picnics because they make him antsy.
  • A piece of swiss cheese goes to therapy because it has a fear of abandonment.
  • A baby conehead is born with a round head.
  • Hobbes goes to therapy because people treat him as if he were imaginary.
  • The Green Giant tells his therapist he's falling in love with his best friend's Chia Pet.
  • A firecracker realizes smoking is bad for him.