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  • Up Next: when is paranoia justified'
  • A man goes to therapy hoping to get rid of the nervous tick attached to his face.
  • A kid thinks he has frostbite after a snowman bites him.
  • A man's therapist thinks he's on the verge of a breakthrough, but actually the man is about to break through the window and escape.
  • Underdog's super energy pills are steroids.
  • A wallaby gets an inferiority complex when its mom carries it in a fanny pack.
  • The Big Bad Wolf talks about what Little Red Riding Hood said about his appearance in therapy.
  • Pistachios' therapist tells them they need to open up.
  • A dog goes to therapy because he's allowed to lie on a couch there.
  • A psychologist has his patients take a number.
  • Porky Pig becomes homeless after taking speech therapy.
  • A turtle goes to therapy for claustrophobia.