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  • Crying patient in psychologist’s office is upset about missing summer.
  • Humid weather makes Medusa’s snake hair curled and frizzy.
  • Snowman thinks a man shoveling called him fat.
  • Dog melts snow with urine.
  • Frog's tongue gets stuck to frozen pole.
  • Adulterous groundhog tries to hide girlfriend pretending she is his shadow.
  • Tall dog questions why short dog does not love snow.
  • Jack Frost calls for backup when he comes upon a big nose
  • Jack Frost admits to nipping at other things.
  • Owner holds cat to add shedding hair as another layer before going outside in the cold.
  • Mad Alice in Wonderland book & movie characters shoveling snow complain swear word symbols.
  • Fortune teller shakes crystal ball predicting snowman’s past snowflake reincarnation.