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  • Racist green holly leaf hates red, yellow, orange leaves until its autumn foliage colors change unexpectedly.
  • Angry cafe customer complains to barista about insulting pumpkin spite coffee cup sticking out tongue.
  • Autumn bumpy squash gourds harvest decorations stung by bees on assembly line conveyor belt.
  • Nasty apple on tree picks snot nose boogers by fall apple picking orchard sign.
  • Red and yellow leaves arguing in bed have both changed since beginning their relationship green.
  • Man on desert island is surprised by pumpkin spice flavored coconut.
  • Woman shopping for groceries looks at a jar of seasonal pumpkin spice flavored pumpkin spice seasoning.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.

  • Crying patient in psychologist’s office is upset about missing summer.
  • Pumpkin spice is back in town.
  • Kids practice catching snowflakes on tongue in fall by catching falling leaves.

  • Airplane diffuses pumpkin spice scent into the air in the fall.

You searched for: autumn