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  • Angel disappointed after making a snow angel because he thought it would be more fun.
  • Masseuse massaging snowman is horrified his back is melting but Frosty feels loose.
  • Snowman dreams he’s laughed at because he’s nude without buttons on his chest.
  • Car is invented that has hands to push itself out of snowbanks.
  • Woman yells “icy roads” to man driving car but he thinks she said “I see roads” until they flip over.
  • Blindfolded snowman playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey caught cheating with eyes on his chest like buttons.
  • Snow woman complains that melting snowman date’s online profile said he was taller and he answers he was that morning.
  • Sad snowman reads newspaper obituaries of snowmen that melted on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Cellphone’s weather app tells forecast of which clothes to wear for the week’s weather.
  • Man on desert island is surprised by pumpkin spice flavored coconut.
  • Woman shopping for groceries looks at a jar of seasonal pumpkin spice flavored pumpkin spice seasoning.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.