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  • Swim instructor at Wicked Witch Swimming Lessons thinks lesson isn't going good because witches in pool are melting.
  • If people looked like breath smelled, first boss is dog, subway man is onion, some people are cigarettes, 8th grade teacher is pile of poop.
  • Ski instructor stuck in large pile of snow tells student now that she's mastered the snowplow, they can move onto something else.
  • Wayne the caterpillar isn't enjoying his high school reunion because everyone else has turned into butterflies, but not him.
  • Dereck takes quick thinking test at job interview, employer tells him to answer quick, asks if he would sucker punch him, Dereck says yes.
  • Boy's marine biology homework eats his dog.
  • A student in a philosophy class accidentally brings Play-Dough instead of Plato.