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  • Boss insists employee attends perkiness management class because of complaints.
  • Roofer in training practices climbing ladders on Rungmaster.
  • Dog throws pie in neighbor's face but blames dog's clown owner.
  • A man saws the legs of furniture to make it fit inside the leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Gods stage an intervention to get Cupid to stop wearing diapers.
  • Handyman attends nail seminar and ends up with a manicure.
  • Presenter to an audience of cell phones is distracted by all the phones that vibrate.
  • Mr. Potatohead debate raises accusations of being two-faced and eleven-faced.
  • Employees in cubicles resemble crate-trained dogs.
  • Student keeps school presentation short because laughing class saw what happened on YouTube.
  • Cats see dog obey owner and wonder if it is voice-activated.
  • Dogs too convincing at playing dead wait in line at heaven's gate to be sent back.