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  • Cat gives annoyed cat obviously used shed fur silhouette blanket present.
  • Cat harasses owner eating, trespasses kitchen counters, grooms exposed butt indecently & mugs adorable faces.
  • Dog on smartphone listens to favorite walk, ride, dinner songs play list.
  • Planets in solar system has Uranus called Doug, no one was surprised he changed his name.
  • Cat destroying couch tells owner not to listen to fake news.
  • Zombie suspect throws hands at police officer when he says to put hands where he can see them.
  • Ghost parent catches sneaky spirit kid with clear belly full of Halloween candies.
  • Old Spider Man’s web-shooter malfunctions missing bank robber.
  • Mad snail drivers report crashed shell car accident to snail cop.
  • Pet owner catches cat planning checklist of places to throw up in.
  • Researcher tells scientist mouse has been afraid of mazes since saw “The Shining.”
  • Dog in confessional tells priest tricks owners to feed second breakfast.