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  • Seagull gamer in headphones plays beach french fries stealing Grand Theft Auto video game spoof.
  • Summer autocorrected sunken sand castle, surfing pig surf board, guilt confessing concession stand & balding hair head volleyball.
  • Pet dog in top hat & magicians cape’s sneaky vanishing hors d’oeuvres magic surprises owners.
  • Pet owner identifies french fries stealing canine in police station suspects criminal line up.
  • Pet owner confused by empty meat plate but short wiener dog’s length tall enough to reach & steal steaks.
  • Scared dogs in cinema theater watch terrified movie canine hide from killer bath tub trying to bathe it.
  • Single wine glass at bar tells martini margarita is cute but can’t get past salt flake dandruff flaw dating deal breaker.
  • Squirrel at wildlife restaurant steals birdseed meal from confused birds diner & waitstaff with empty plate.
  • President protecting Secret Service agents wear suits, but Victoria’s Secret Service officers dress in sexy lingerie brand underwear.
  • Scared lettuces cinema audience watches rabbit vegetable murderer horror movie.
  • Horrified snowmen hikers’ dog finds murdered victim’s gruesome stick arm found at forest trail crime scene.
  • Courtroom judge punishes guilty defendant to 20 cheesy dad jokes jail sentence.