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  • A businessman's graph is inaccurate because he had the hiccups when he drew it.
  • The roadrunner explains how to get through a painted tunnel.
  • A dog thinks Thanksgiving is a day to act like him because his family is focusing on family and food.
  • Dr. McCoy from Star Trek reads a list of things he's not at a poetry slam.
  • Political pundits predict that a rock will beat scissors in the election.
  • A professor sneezes, blowing his equations across the blackboard.
  • A dietician says people trying to lose weight should avoid words that will tempt them, so she shows a pita chart instead of a pie chart.
  • Dogs trying to destroy the vacuum bite the cord to see what happens.
  • A dog meows at a presidential campaign speech.
  • A baby gets party training instead of potty training.