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  • A baby gets party training instead of potty training.
  • Cat magazine puts a dog on the cover.
  • A lawyer defends his client from money-laundering charges by showing that he can't even do normal laundry.
  • A new pickpocket tears off a man's entire pocket.
  • A snowman impersonates Carrot Top in charades by putting his nose on top of his head.
  • A balding man is offered nose hair transplants.
  • Dog won't fully commit to rolling over, so only his head is upside down.
  • Mother with poor grammar wonders why son is failing English.
  • Mime paints in a variety of styles trying to find artistic voice.
  • Spa employee sticks whole cucumbers in client's eyes instead of slices.
  • Father's baby will say all styles of painting, except dada.
  • Web site instructs dog owner how to get dog to wear heels instead of heel.