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  • Woman cleaning dog poo on rug says puppy should be pronounced poopy with a long u.
  • Dog speaker gives disgusting trash eating Ted Talk lecture to student dogs audience.
  • Highway road signs welcomes drivers to Massachusetts and warns to watch out for dropping r’s in Boston accents.
  • Principal at Charlie Brown’s school tells slide trombone instrument teacher students can’t understand her voice.
  • Greek Myth characters Sisyphus, Medusa, Atlas and centaur answer what they are listening to on MP3 player headphones.
  • Cat clawing couch wears raincoat to avoid spray bottle discipline.
  • Dessert element discovered fits anywhere even when there is no more room.
  • Charlie Brown's written test is written in teacher's wah wah.
  • Billy from Family Circle cartoon persuades audience that the world is a circle.
  • Emojis get together at the Emoti-con convention.
  • Ed stopped using speakerphone after being misheard by colleagues.
  • Graduation speaker's speech full of spelling errors advises graduates not to be afraid to make mistakes.