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  • Alarm clock of pet vomit noise wakes sleeping owners effectively.
  • Therapist on laptop asks too close patient on screen why bad with technology.
  • Turkey on family Thanksgiving Zoom meeting raises hand when woman on laptop asks who suggested online get together.
  • Woman thinks house plants grow lights don’t work but huge cat sleeps under table.
  • Mad scientist works from home making Frankenstien monster friend.
  • Surprised witches with small magic cauldron say shrinking potion spell works.
  • Mummy gives cloth wrap to maskless Frankenstein as Halloween monsters in PPE masks meet outside in Covid-19 social distancing.
  • Vampires on computer screen Zoom meeting online are missing from web cam videos.
  • Flies see multiple hexagon webcams on online video teleconference meeting.
  • Telecommuting pet owner names identical fish in aquarium after week days because can’t tell them apart.
  • Telecommuting dad on computer shushes noisy son Mike not muted interrupting online video work meeting.
  • Poor out of work lip reader begs on street corner from people wearing masks.