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  • Smart desert island castaway says “I’ve got an idea!” & uses cartoon speech bubble floating lifeboat to sail ocean to safety.
  • British man on laptop in England clicks accept biscuits instead of American website cookies version in United States.
  • Scientist warns cartoon speech bubbles polluting planet’s atmosphere released by talking.
  • Gettysburg Address President Abraham Lincoln on laptop sees online LinkedIn 4 score & 7 endorsements professional contacts.
  • Partying bad dogs destroy house before fooled owner returns home tricked destructive pet is lonely alone.
  • Santa Claus in North Pole Workshop asks Mrs. Claus how many elf workers needed from gum ball machine full of elves.
  • Spooky ghost wearing Covid facemask is annoyed haunted man thinks said moo.
  • Barista gives cafe customers in face masks coffees with mumbled names cups.
  • Pet owners with talking dog begging for table scraps regret getting canine speech chip technology.
  • Receptionist asks man not wearing pants if he’s there for the memory seminar.
  • Obese squirrel expert teaches Ted Talks lesson on best bird feeders.
  • Dog opening “Who’s a good dog?” collector’s cards is excited to see it’s own picture.