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  • Dog kid impatient no table scraps fed but mom dog begs & says trust the process.
  • Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s training by Yoda with cat in lap delayed by unwritten rules of the force.
  • Cat audience applauds hibernating bears doing nothing for months at a time presentation.
  • Dining dog pays for dinner, says least can do after owner picking up poop.
  • Santa assigns elf workers making dog toys for long good boys & girls nice list pet names.
  • Owner asks dog for handshake but pet misunderstood & serves tasty blender milk shake.
  • Exercising cat lifts weights training to achieve goal knocking bigger stuff off tables.
  • Fairy tale Jack & the Bean Stalk character talks with bean seeds explaining we’re all magic when we grow.
  • Service dog in clothes store says awful shirt is tacky helping fashion taste impaired owner pick stylish apparel choices.
  • Smart desert island castaway says “I’ve got an idea!” & uses cartoon speech bubble floating lifeboat to sail ocean to safety.
  • British man on laptop in England clicks accept biscuits instead of American website cookies version in United States.