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  • Dining dog pays for dinner, says least can do after owner picking up poop.
  • Big ornaments conspiracy pays sneaky kitty to break Xmas decorations.
  • Scared Thanksgiving turkey misunderstands lawyer preparing will for death.
  • Frankenstien monster tells peg leg, hook hand & eye patch pirate body parts aren’t his.
  • Cartoon character rehab for far gone Far Side, rick-rolled Rick & Morty, too many bowls Captain Crunch, conditioner overdose Rapunzel, Garfield confused Heathcliff, impulsive Awkward Yeti Heart, Toy Story Piggy Bank needs change & Simpsons Krusty not funny haha.
  • Anxious man prepares mental check list before leaving of phone, keys, wallet & stressful social anxiety.
  • Father at hospital babies nursery with r crying infant asks pirate which child is his.
  • Horse game piece pulled over by police can’t walk straight in DUI intoxicated driving sobriety check.
  • French language test audiences misunderstand Fin end titled Jaws shark movie & leave theater.
  • Kangaroo husband not comfortable wife with marsupial pouch Air BnB guest started hosting travelers vacation rooms online.
  • Upside down bat parent checked above scared bat child’s branch & says no monsters over bed to reassure bedtime fears.
  • Italian landmark Tower of Pisa construction leans away from smelly arm pit sweat neighbor building next door.