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  • Cartoon character rehab for far gone Far Side, rick-rolled Rick & Morty, too many bowls Captain Crunch, conditioner overdose Rapunzel, Garfield confused Heathcliff, impulsive Awkward Yeti Heart, Toy Story Piggy Bank needs change & Simpsons Krusty not funny haha.
  • Shocked leprechaun’s pot of gold stolen by slow St. Patrick’s Day ninja sloth thief dressed in expensive jewels & bling.

  • Santa Claus in North Pole Workshop asks Mrs. Claus how many elf workers needed from gum ball machine full of elves.
  • Poor out of work lip reader begs on street corner from people wearing masks.
  • Leprechaun shops at Pot ‘o Gold dispensary at end of rainbow.
  • Pinata and piggybank awkwardly discover each plotting to smash the other.
  • A piggy bank pulls a quarter from another piggy bank's ear.
  • Mother sends daughter Hanukkah gelt and guilt for not coming to visit.
  • Pirate goes to eyeball dispenser to get a replacement eyeball.
  • Complex rules for opening bathroom door are product of video game addict architect.
  • Penny woman leaves penny man and takes another at the dish by the checkout.

You searched for: coin