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  • Mother with poor grammar wonders why son is failing English.
  • Mime paints in a variety of styles trying to find artistic voice.
  • Spa employee sticks whole cucumbers in client's eyes instead of slices.
  • Father's baby will say all styles of painting, except dada.
  • Web site instructs dog owner how to get dog to wear heels instead of heel.
  • Santa comes home early to be suspicious of elf step stool at Mrs. Claus's bedside.
  • Lice occupy Wally's receding hairline as if it's Occupy Wall Street.
  • Worried lollipop is face-licked by dog and is almost gone.
  • Downward pointing tail reveals inconsistent message about presentation.
  • Graduates of exotic dancing school mistakenly put cap tassels on body parts.
  • Team physicians practice their medical skills in preparation for baseball season.
  • Boss insists employee attends perkiness management class because of complaints.