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  • Date is warned that dog jumps on people but isn't aware of dog on ceiling fan.
  • Frustrated mom tries to leave kids at dog obedience school.
  • Famous cartoons in rehab for addictions.
  • Man cannot roll up online newspaper so dog has freedom to misbehave.
  • Boss with misplaced toupee hairpiece lectures on appearance.
  • Crash test dummy dog has accident at crash test dummies' home.
  • Dr. Gray explains how life is a box of chocolates with DNA nougat.
  • Easter Bunny learns with physical therapy to walk instead of hop to break fewer eggs.
  • Students at the Yes-Men Institute have a tough time understanding how to say yes.
  • Dog tells wife she can't yell at him for making mess unless he's caught in the act.
  • Man rips pages out of puppy training book to protect carpet.
  • A mattress company's manager thinks his employee is demonstrating the lack of motion transfer when he sees him drinking on a mattress.